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Realisation of any kind of specialised translation requires expertise and experience not only in translation, but also translation in a given field. Translating IT texts is an example of our work with a very specific specialization. It is a kind of translation where the translator needs to know the specifics of this field and also – feel the need to consult an IT expert if necessary. That is why – except the base of IT translators, we also cooperate with experts who help us make sure the IT translations we do are correct in terms of the technical vocabulary required.

IT translators also need to have extensive knowledge about the latest applications and IT solutions. Moreover, for every order we stay in touch with our Clients, consulting with them the realised translation before sending the ready-made text in the target language. A low quality of translation, especially of technical texts, is nowadays a common issue or even a topic for jokes or a source of communication problems. However, we are convinced that the translations performer by our specialists guarantee top-notch results provided to you through professional cooperation ensuring reliability and confidentiality.

Our offer for IT translations includes:

- software translation
- translation of manuals
- translation of user documentation, product documentation or typical tender documentation
- translation of technical specification or product structure


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