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LINGLORD is a translation agency specialising in technical texts. We deliver interpretation and translation services. Most of our commissions are for translation from Polish into English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and French, and also from those languages into Polish. If necessary, we can also translate from and into non-European languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We also carry out large multilingual projects.

We translate in areas such as finance and banking, medicine and pharmacy, law, business and marketing. Many of our orders are for the translation of texts and meetings on topics such as agriculture, sport and fitness and the hospitality industry. We also offer certified translation.

All our translations are performed by highly experienced translators with a philological background, or education in another field. In the case of specialist texts, we also consult experts in a given field in order to ensure the accuacy of all the texts returned to our clients.

For interpreting commissions, we cooperate only with professional conference interpreters who have qualified at the faculty of linguistics with specialization in interpreting, or have completed a postgraduate interpreting course at the University of Warsaw in cooperation with the European Commission, the European Parliament and EMCI Consortium.

We can also support our clients in organizing meetings, including help in organizing the venue and supplying a conference audio system.


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